Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Which are you most like...?

Ruby + Lottie are running a giveaway at the minute, it's for a Little Us doll.  Kimberley asks which is most like your daughter?

It's interesting to see all the characters of the dolls, as I think Little Miss is a mixture.

She is Chloe.  Everything has to be pink, i'm not sure where she got this from as I hate pink!  Even 'I can cook' on cbeebies is described as 'pink I can cook' in our house (translated: 'i can cook on the go').  She is constantly singing and dancing.  Little Man loves it...he loves playing 'row, row, row, the boat', having 'twinkle, twinkle little star' being sung to him.  But she loves it even more when dancing and singing come together, with 'ring a ring a roses' and 'sleeping bunnies'.

She is Amelia.  She is incredibly cautious, which comes across as shy.  She loves her books and we spend hours reading at home, no bedtime is complete without two stories (and three songs...little miss Chloe!).

She is Ruby.  She is after all a 3 year old, a diva in the making.  She is learning the boundaries, what is good behaviour and what is bad.  And as for being grown up, Little Miss has probably worn more make up in her short life, than I ever have...thanks to granny!

She is Millie.  She can't cope without going outside at least once every day.  She plays will all the boys at nursery, and all I ever hear at home is 'mummy, I count to three, you hide'!  She chooses her clothes of a day, and although she will happily wear dresses and skirts it's all of her own choosing.

So which Little Us doll is she most like?  All of them!  She is a three year old contrary Mary after all!

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